floating floor boards


Do you want coloured carpet to make a bold statement or do you want something neutral.  Do you prefer light, dark or medium shades?  Light carpet will still show dirt more quickly than a medium shade of carpet.  With kids or pets, we recommend selecting a medium shade of carpet, but it is a personal preference choice.

Also, carpet that has flecks of color in it hide dirt a lot better than single-colour carpet.  It also adds visual interest without being bold in colour.  


Style and Texture

Are you looking for a more casual or formal look?  Plush carpet tends to feel more formal while a shag or frieze carpet tend to be more casual. 


Depending on the type of carpet you choose, the pile height and density can vary.  When you install carpet on stairs, the carpet will be bent around the nose of each stair.  


Take It Home

You're welcome to take several carpet samples home with you so that you can imagine how the carpet will really look!  If you haven’t decided on a style yet, take home a few different styles and colors.  It is amazing how carpet can look very different in your home from our showroom. Take the samples home and place them against different walls and in every room in your home that you plan to carpet.  You will be amazed how different lighting can change how the carpet looks.  Be sure you love the carpet in every room, against every wall, in every light.

Are you looking to install new carpet in your home soon? Contact us today for a free measure consultation in your home!